Monday, September 10, 2012

MTME & Paper Sweeties 9/11 WE REMEMBER

Hello, everyone.  Today I have something very special for you!
This is going to be a long post, so please grab a cup of coffee and join with me in remembrance:
Today is a day of remembrance, and a time to thank all of those who have served our country. Past and present, and future, the word thank you doesn't seem to be enough. Many people have given so much of themselves, to work tirelessly to preserve our freedom and protect our country. Saying thank you doesn't seem to be enough.
Today on 9/11 we take a moment to remember those at the World Trade Center NY in 2001, who lost their lives that day, and the families they left behind. We take another moment to honor all of the individuals who helped that day, and who are, or who have served our country. Today we remember.
In honor of all these individuals and their families My Time Made Easy ™ LLC and Paper Sweeties has organized a Blog Hop with *NEW* products & projects to inspire you to create gifts for our Troops, or that special someone!
Please see what all the following designers have made using the *NEW* products:

Additional designers:
Now you are probably excited to see what was released in honor of this special occasion!
Oh, my goodness, isn't this the cutest?!   The tanks are designed by Lauren Meader.  The green and brown camo paper is being released today.  I just changed the colors in Photoshop to get the pink.  Didn't that turn out great?!
On this card is Jake (will release Sept. 15) and Abigail from Paper Sweeties designed by Debbie Marcinkiewicz.
*NEW* at My Time Made Easy ™ LLC is an amazing package collection called
Made in the USA Package $10
As mentioned above, this collection was created in honor of those who have, or who are currently serving our country! This package includes everything you need to create your own amazing gift package! Contents in this collection are the Tough Tank Template, a sheet of Camouflage Digital Paper, and an additional three sheets of patterned paper in red polka dots, yellow stars, and blue stripes, as well as a Set of 31 Digital Images called Made in the USA.
About: Made in the USA Digital Stamp Set: includes a Military Forces tag that can be customized, a saluting soldier silhouette, a Dog Tag, circle flag tag, alphabet for you to create your own tag, as well as a Made in the U.S.A. sentiment.
Tough Tank Pretty Packaging Template
Available in PDF, SVG, GSD, DXF, WPC
Completed Project Size:
4 3/4 Inches Tall
6 1/2 Inches Wide
7 1/2 Inches Long
 A tank just right for any guy
So I just had to make a tank for a girl like me!
This was designed at the request of, and in the honor of my brother Craig, who served many years in the U.S. Army! He wanted a realistic version of the "real deal" to honor his time spent serving our country! Of course I was up for the challenge, as I think it is an excellent way to honor our troops.
Note: The top of the tank rotates 360 degrees, and comes off the tank, so you can package all sorts of gift items inside the tank.
Now you too can easily re-create this Tough Tank to create your own customized gift package. The perfect container to package up gifts for any of our Troops, maybe for sending a special care package, a great gift option for someone who served, or is serving in the military, or maybe that special child in your life who enjoys playing with Army men, and things of similar nature. Makes an excellent party favor or centerpiece too!
*NEW* at Paper Sweeties in September and available for a ‘special pre-release’ on 9/11 is an adorable boy doll stamp named ‘Jake’! Jake measures approximately 3 ½” tall and is the perfect companion for the Sweeties girl stamps – Abigail, Emma and Sophie! Jake has several outfits available this month – one of which is the cutest soldier ‘dress’ uniform complete with a medal of honor, hat and six heartfelt sentiments! Jake was designed at the request of a good friend who is very involved with the Operation Write Home organization because she has a brother serving overseas in the armed forces! Each Sweeties stamp set retails for $10.
I am telling you right now next payday I am picking me up some of Debbie's great stamp sets...way too cute!  Also, in the background are the papers and stamp set released from MTME.  I just colored the emblem in Photoshop.
I know this was a really long post, but thank you so much for stopping by.  At the end of the week I should have posted a video tutorial for the tank.


  1. Fabulous Kimberly!! Love the pink tank and the card!! Its all wonderful!!!

  2. Your projects are fantastic, Kim! It's a great idea to have a boy and girl themed tank for both the men and women serving our country! And your card is wonderful, love the way you paired both Jake and Abigail together!

  3. OH! I was hoping to get a girly tank done, so I am so glad you did it! I love this. All the details-wonderful! Lauren

  4. I love his and hers matching tanks! Fantastic!!!! I love the way you paired the sweeties together!

  5. Waooo!!! Kim, you made such wonderful creations!!!
    Just love them, specially the pink one. Super cute and girly. Great idea.

  6. I told Laruen we live in a town with an artillery base and every soldier here would love her tank. But I wasn't thinking of the women. Now every soldier here would love to receive these tanks!!

  7. Wow! These are amazing! My niece just joined the Army National Guard so I need to get this pattern to make her a cute gift before she leaves for basic! Awesome job!

  8. What great projects, Kimberly! LOVE the girly tank! So fun! And Abigail looks pristine all decked out in her uniform! Beautiful work!

  9. Eeek! How clever to make a his and hers! Love it! The paper sweeties look perfect in the olive green - well done!

  10. Oh my goodness ... you have hit a 'home run' with this beyond adorable set, Kimberly! How creative and clever to make a girly pink tank ... I LOVE it!! You did a fantastic job with your Paper Sweeties stamps -- they look amazing all dressed up in their military uniforms :)

  11. Whoa, whoa whoa! Your projects are absolutely phenomenal! Trust me, all your perfect little touches aren't going unnoticed!!

  12. We should SOOOOOO make that pink tank for the military to use! Complete with the flowers on the wheels! Both of your tanks look wonderful, love the pink!


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