Thursday, August 8, 2013

My Time Made Easy in Walmart -- Please vote!

Hi, everyone!  I am here to share with you some fantastic news!  My Time Made Easy is being considered to be offered on the shelves of Walmart...isn't that fantastic?!
Congratulations to My Time Made Easy ™ LLC!
Our product, “Pretty Packaging Templates,” has made it past the first stage of Get On The Shelf at Walmart!
It now moves on to the Audition Round, where online voting will help show our judges how much public support products have. This voting begins today!
Below is a rundown of how voting will work and some pointers and tools to help you spread the word.
The Voting Process
Voting runs from now through September 2; you may vote once per day per product.
Our product’s page is
 Walmart judges will use vote totals as an indicator of public support, to help give them an idea of products’ commercial viability.
This is why it is VITAL we get votes.
Please, everyone, vote for this fantastic company so that we can see all of Lauren's wonderful designs on Walmart's shelves!
Thanks so much for your help!

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